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Our difference

Modern and progressive

At Premier Skills Academy, our aim is to produce outstanding coaches. That’s because great coaches result in better players – and only by producing better players can we hope to improve the standard of our national game.  Which is why we use the Practice Play(TM) system – a unique and innovative approach to coaching that departs from traditional and static methodologies in favour of a modern, progressive philosophy that takes a ‘holistic’ view of the game.


The result is players with more flexibility and vision; players who respond more naturally to the dynamics of a real-game situation. In short, players who are quite simply as good as they can be. 


Introducing the future

The Practice Play methodology is innovative and different. But it’s also proven to be successful. The brainchild of ex-pros, John Cartwright and Roger Wilkinson, the system has been bringing the best out of natural talent since 2002, and an ever-greater number of coaches are benefitting from its powerful and effective training techniques. It’s a methodology which is likely to entirely replace the traditional approach within a few years. 

Meeting the challenge

Fun is the engine of interest. And interested players will work hard to improve. The challenge for the coach is how to make sessions fun, while delivering content that develops skills and encourages talent to blossom.  Our courses show coaches how they can achieve this balance. We identify a coaching toolset that develops skilful habits and tactical awareness that clever repetitive coaching produces, while presenting the players with stimulating practices and challenges.

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Our courses:

Emphasise continuity and progression 
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The Practice Play methodology uses a ‘layered’ approach  that integrates parts of each previous session into the current session. This helps to consolidate skills and build team awareness.

Increase difficulty in gradual stages 
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Gradual changes in opposition numbers and playing area are very effective in helping players adapt effectively to new levels of difficulty.


Uses practical realism at all stages 
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Learning from the effectiveness of street football in developing instinctive and individual playing styles, Practice Play makes wide use of real-game situations.


Combine development of skills with awareness and vision 
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Modern football is about tactical awareness and ‘team consciousness’ as much as individual skills. Our course emphasise and blend both aspects of the game.


Develop individuality as well as ‘team awareness’ 
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Today’s coach must know how to help players develop individual skills to their maximum, as well as help them understand how teams work as a unit. 


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