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About us

David Williams

An aim of perfection, driven by passion.

Although a broken leg ended his playing career in 1998, David Williams still had a passion for the game. So he completed the FA Level 2 course, which he’d started the previous year under the direction of Chelsea FC coach Ted Daley, and began to focus his energies on coaching kids. It turned out to be something he had a real talent for, and soon found himself in demand. Over the following years, David  combined a part-time coaching career with the pursuit of formal qualifications, and in 2012 gained coaching certification at the elite level of the FA Youth Award Level 3.


It was in this same year – 2012 – that David founded Premier Skills Academy (PSA). Having worked closely for 2 years with a company called Premier Skills, he recognised the enormous potential of their unique coaching methodology called Practice Play, and decided – with the blessing of Premier Skills- to start a company dedicated to promoting and using the philosophy in practical coaching situations.


The initiative was an immediate success. David soon found his players going from strength to strength, and in the 2013/14 season, PSA entered its first team into the Excel Youth League, a U9 team made up of a mix of U8 and U9 players. The following season PSA had 4 teams and is looking to give more football lessons in Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City areas to boys and girls.


Today, PSA is not just coaching kids. It’s coaching coaches, too – showing them how the Practice Play  methodology can inspire and drive players at all levels to be not just good – but as good as they can possibly be!



Dave's team includes:

Roger Wilkinson

John Cartwright

What some of our coaches say about PSA:  

"Dave Williams and his team are great to work with, and the Practice Play approach is different and powerful."



- Alan D.

"I'm really looking forward to putting what I've learned into practice. The kids will love it!"



- Jimmy J.

"Our national game seriously needs changing at the grass roots level, and the Practice Play methodology is just the thing to do it."


- Steve M.

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