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Level 1:


Club discount available

Demonstrates to the coach how to develop game skill and individualism in young players through realistic practices.


This is a practically based course and delegates should bring full playing kit suitable for an indoor sports hall. Showers and changing rooms are available.

Please bring: Footwear for an indoor sports hall and note taking materials. Please bring a drink and any snacks you may need as catering is not provided.

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Levels 1&2


No club discount available
The ideal course for those who want to progress even more quickly.
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Our courses

Put your players on the road to success!

Level 2:

Exploiting time

and space

Club discount available
Advances and develops the methodology used in Level 1. Demonstrates in a cleverly constructed progression how to maximise and further develop the young player’s skill and game understanding 
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Level 3:

Playing through the thirds  

Club discount available

Advances the coach’s understanding of how to use ‘playing through the thirds’ to develop sessions that accelerate the skill and tactical abilities of players. 

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Club discounts

Up to 15% off!
Clubs who enrol 12 coaches or more on one of our courses will receive the following discount:
Level 1: 10%
Level 2: 12.5%
Level 3: 15%

DVD + manual included!

All level 1 and 2 courses will include dvds, manual and certificate (handed out on day of course).

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