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Making coaching count

Coaching is the key


Good coaching can make a real difference to a young footballer: the difference between average and excellent, success or failure. Yet the typical standard of coaching in the UK is not high – too often, our coaches use outdated, mechanical drills and practices that isolate skills from the context of the game itself. The result, almost always, is players who aren’t as good as they could be.

Raising the standard

At Premier Skills Academy, we’ve already begun to change all that. How? Simple. By teaching coaches a unique, and incredibly powerful, coaching methodology called Practice Play(TM). As a progressive system that recognises the need to treat football as an integrated blend of skills, Practice Play offers footballers a complete development pathway, from beginner to professional standard. And because Practice Play really works, coaches who use it find themselves in demand.


What our coaches say about us:  

"Premier's coaching courses are a real eye-opener on how coaching should be done. I highly recommend them."



- Mike S.

"Ever since working with Dave Williams and his team, my players have developed much more quickly. Thanks Premier!"


- Robbie K.

"These course are truly a breath of fresh air over the old traditional method. Definitely the way of the future for football coaching."


- Steve M.

Help shape the football of the future. Our unique, proven coaching methodology will put you and your students on the road to success
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Signing up for one of our courses takes just seconds and will put you on a fast-track to becoming one of the rapidly-growing number of innovative and highly-effective coaches who are the shape of football coaching to come.



Practice Play:
  • Innovative, powerful and proven

  • From grass roots level to professional standard

  • Immersive, fun and incredibly effective

  • Developed from street football

  • Affordable and cost-effective

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