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Practice Play

Level 1 


The PRACTICE PLAY | LEVEL 1 DVD provides a much needed introduction to quality grassroots coaching. This DVD demonstrates to the coach how to develop skill and individualism in young players through realistic practices.


The coach will learn how to effectively utilise sessions spent with young players by using practices that maximise the learning time available.


The DVD covers:


• Staying with the ball

• Combining individualism with team mates

• Understanding and exploiting time and space

• Passing and receiving

• Passing qualities

• First touch and movement variations

• Player assessment

• Health and safety in coaching.


The Practice Play Level 1 DVD is a must have for any grassroots coach.

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Practice Play

Level 2



The PRACTICE PLAY | LEVEL 2 DVD advances and develops the football coaching methodology used in Level 1. This DVD demonstrates in a cleverly constructed progression how the coach can maximise and further develop the young player’s skill and game understanding.In Level 2 the coach learns how to link the individualism of the young player with fellow players.The DVD covers:
•  Staying with the ball
•  Exploiting time and space
•  Playing through 360 degrees
•  Passing and receiving
•  Individual support positions
•  Playing in the future
•  Kicking variations
•  Player linkage
Presented by: Roger Wilkinson Duration: 29 mins

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